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Support 24 x 7 x 365

Experience unmatched IT support services around the clock. We're your tech lifeline, available beyond standard hours, ensuring constant business IT support for all your pressing challenges.


Prioritize your data protection with our advanced cybersecurity solutions. Our cybersecurity services ensure compliance and robust defense against evolving threats, from firewalls to routine audits.

Backups & Business Continuity

Safeguard your data with our robust backup solutions. We counter ransomware threats and ensure swift recovery, showcasing our prowess in managed IT services.

Network Administration

Our network security solutions are designed to keep you seamlessly connected. Expertly managing and configuring devices, we're the IT company near you that guarantees optimal network performance.


Achieve unparalleled business flexibility with our mobility solutions. We help harness the power of devices, ensuring you can work from anywhere, echoing the spirit of dynamic small business IT support.


Keep threats at bay with our cloud-based anti-virus protection. Real-time monitoring and scans perfectly balance security and performance, resonating with premium cybersecurity consulting.

Cloud Computing

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge cloud computing solutions. Partnering with industry leaders, we offer scalable IT services tailored to your needs, enhancing efficiency and cost savings.

Phones HD VoIP

Strengthen your organizational communication with HD VoIP. We support your existing setup and craft a visionary roadmap that epitomizes top-tier computer IT support.


Navigate your tech future with our in-depth IT consulting. From forecasts to strategic insights, we're the preferred choice for visionary IT support and services, tailoring solutions to business's unique trajectory.

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Why Choose Us?

Situated in the bustling heart of the Tri-Cities, Applied Automation IT stands as a beacon of local expertise tailored to cater to the distinct IT needs of our community. Our comprehensive suite offers everything from avant-garde cybersecurity consulting to dependable technical support, creating a holistic solution for all your technological requirements. But we’re not just about services; our ethos is deeply rooted in fostering genuine partnerships.

We’re particularly passionate about championing small enterprises, delivering personalized and unparalleled service to bolster their technological growth. In a world rife with digital threats, our unwavering commitment to your business’s security is paramount, ensuring the integrity and safety of your data at all times. With Applied Automation IT by your side, you’re not just opting for a service but investing in a partnership that prioritizes minimal disruptions, efficiency, and a thriving business environment.